Commands and Permissions

Command Alias Function Permission Default
/harrypotterspells /hps Main plugin command, used to reload plugin and for help harrypotterspells.harrypotterspells op
/wand - Gives the sender a wand harrypotterspells.wand op
/teach <spell> [player] - Teaches the specified spell harrypotterspells.teach op
/unteach <spell> [player] - Unteaches the specified spell (the target player will "forget") harrypotterspells.unteach op
/spelllist [player] /sl List all available spells, or all known spells of the specified player harrypotterspells.spelllist true
/spellinfo <spell> /si Shows the description of the specified spell harrypotterspells.spellinfo true
/spellswitch <spell> /ss Changes the current spell to the specified spell harrypotterspells.spellswitch true


  • Argument Syntax: < > brackets are manditory and [ ] brackets are optional
  • Default column represents the default permissions granted:
    • op - Only server ops have this permission
    • true - Every player should have this permission
    • false - No one has this permission
  • "All" or "*" can be used for spell to denote all spells
  • "Me" (or nothing) can be used for [player] to specify yourself

Remember that all permission nodes are cAsE-sEnSiTiVe!

Other Permissions

Permission Function Default
harrypotterspells.cast Allows the player to cast all spells they know op
harrypotterspells.spell.<spell> Allows the casting, teaching and spellswitching of the <spell>
Note: (By default everyone has access to all spells)
harrypotterspells.nocooldown.<spell> Bypass the cooldown of <spell> false
harrypotterspells.nocooldown or harrypotterspells.nocooldown.* Bypass ALL spell cooldowns op
harrypotterspells.teach.known Restricts player to teaching only spells they know false
harrypotterspells.wand.others Allows the player to use /wand to give other players wands op
harrypotterspells.list.others Allows the player to use /spelllist to check another players known spells op


  • Spells like "Homenum Revelio" would have the permission node of harrypotterspells.spell.homenum-revelio
  • All the permission defaults listed here are correct as long as the permission plugin you use does not modify Spigot/Bukkits default permission handling system.
  • Permission negation (- -permission.node) is supported as long as the permission plugin you use supports it
    • Example: - -harrypotterspells.spell.arrow to prevent player from casting/switching/teaching spell